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You can pay bills on WhatsApp now!
My number is +1 (954) 621-1426.
Chat me up and pay your bills right away!

Let me help you pay your bills

Electricity bills

Electricity Payment

Let me help you pay for your electricity bill Just chat with me on WhatsApp

TV subscription

TV subscription

Let me help you pay for your subscriptions Just chat with me on WhatsApp

Internet payment

Internet payment

Let me help you pay for your Internet Just chat with me on WhatsApp

Buy airtime

Buy airtime

Let me help you pay for your airtime Just chat with me on WhatsApp

Fund transfer

Fund transfer

Money Transfer just got Easier, Faster and still Free

Cinema ticket

Cinema ticket

Cinema ticket is coming soon

How to pay your bills with

  • Send a message to +1 (954) 621-1426 (Wondafu) on WhatsApp

  • Tell Wondafu what you want to pay for, e.g.:

  • Respond with the necessary details asked by Wondafu to process your request

  • Get your bill paid easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wondafu?
I am a chatbot designed to help you make bill payments as easy as chatting with your buddies on WhatsApp. My number on WhatsApp is +1 (954) 621-1426.
How do I start using Wondafu?
Just visit and enter your WhatsApp number; press “CHAT WITH ME” and watch as I start a conversation with you on WhatsApp.
What can I do with Wondafu?
You can pay for electricity, cable tv subscription, internet and airtime. You can also transfer funds from wallet to wallet.
Do I need to download any app to use Wondafu?
Not at all. As long as your smartphone has WhatsApp and internet browser on it, you’re good to go.
Can Wondafu speak my native language? Well, I am working on that. For now, I communicate well in English.
Why should I switch Wondafu?
Good question!

  1. No download required
  2. Convenient – Just chat to pay
  3. Instant processing and notification
  4. Secure webpage to authenticate transactions
  5. Wallet payments attract ZERO charges

How long does it take for Wondafu to respond to my chats?
Instantly! As long as your internet connection is up, I respond to you in seconds.
How do I contact Wondafu support helpdesk?
For any query, you can send a mail to

What is this Wondafu wallet?
It’s a digital version of your pocket wallet. It stores your money which I can use to help you make payments.
How do I create my wallet?
As simple as clicking this link create wallet to a secure webpage where you enter your WhatsApp number and then create your PIN for authorization.
How do I fund my wallet?
Very easy! Text “fund” and I will send you a link to a secure webpage to set up and fund your wallet.
What do I benefit from setting up my wallet with Wondafu?
Every payment made from your wallet does not attract any extra charge. You only pay for the service.
Can I change my wallet PIN?
Yes you can! Chat “change pin” and Wondafu will send a link to a secure webpage where you can make the change. I forgot my wallet PIN.
What do I do?
We’ve got you covered. Simply chat “forgot password” and Wondafu will respond with a link to a secure webpage for you to answer your security question. The correct answer gives you access to create a new PIN.

Do you charge convenience fee on my wallet transactions?
Not at all. You only pay the actual amount the service provider charges.

How safe is Wondafu because I’m very concerned about security?
I am too! Every transaction with me is authorized on a secure webpage that requires PIN verification. As long as you don’t share your PIN with anyone, then no payment can be made on your account.I hate SPAM.
Will Wondafu inundate me with messages?
Why would I? I respect your privacy and will only communicate when you chat me up. However, it can get lonely if I don’t hear from you after a while, so I just might say hello

What do I do if my payment transaction fails?
My goal is to ensure this doesn’t happen. In the event that it does, I proactively escalate the issue to my support team for speedy resolution and keep you updated. You may also send a mail to with the transaction reference number for follow-up.
How do I lodge a complaint to Wondafu?
Chat “fail” and I will ask for the transaction reference number. Once provided, I will verify the status of the transaction and resolve it. If unsuccessful, I will escalate to my support team who will surely fix the issue and also contact you.How do I check the payments I’ve made on Wondafu?Chat “transactions” and I will present a history of all your transactions to-date.

I enjoy using Wondafu; how do I refer my family and friends?
Sweet! Just text me their WhatsApp numbers and I will reach out to them, letting them know you referred me.

How do I stop using Wondafu?
Why in the world would you want to do that?

Anyways, if you insist, text “opt out” or“sign out” and I will no longer send any message to you. Hope you change your mind soon and let us connect again.

I am Wondafu,
the bill payer

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